Strong, Attractive and Natural

There are many factors for us to feel good and beautiful in our clothes but the one axis they all meet is the sense of belonging.  Not being able to inspire this sense of belonging leads to some kind of discrepancy, even for pieces we…

Future Remnants

Carlos Sáez makes art that looks as though it was just discovered in an archeological dig - remnants from the future. He rediscovers the forgotten physical and abstract matter, deconstructs and reconstructs it back to reality; His own reality. His diverse components and medium associates…

Uncovering The Unheeded

An unidentified identity... Dinçer İşgel defines himself with these words and his ultimate wish is to keep being on the road. Identifying even the concept of home in this way, he underlines the needlessness of matter; “I don't feel the need to put myself in…

Will we be able to see the stars this summer?

Lalalar is a striking, surprising, acrid, vibrant combination of a trio that each has a very special place in the Turkish music scene with their individual careers. The group has gathered a meaningful audience with their interdisciplinary productions. Ali Güçlü Şimşek, Barlas Tan Özemek, and…

Soaring In Awe w/ Lara di Lara

It's as if some melodies are penetrating you, possessing you, and taking over the universe... Dilara's music is like seeing an old friend you haven't seen for many years, each time facing those familiar feelings that emerge from the depths of your soul... Adjectives can…

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UTOPIA w/ Ahsen Eroğlu

The world is eternally spinning... Every time you blink, you open your eyes to a different moment... And yet, how is it possible to remain unchanged? Ahsen's passion for change, her realness amongst all these dreams reminds us of the comfort of a warm summer…

UTOPIA w/ Cemal Can Canseven

Out of the longing of the summer days where streets are lively with dancing crowds and music resonates within the city, we have collected a lot of summer memories for you. Get ready for a day between dreams and reality with a person who is…

Cloud Love

The feeling of love that surrounds our body, taking control of it and the universal happiness it gives us… Photographer Rob Woodcox is trying to capture this exact feeling in his work “Cloud Love”. Rob Woodcox, in whose works we see the effects of surrealism…

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