What role does the commercial aspect of styling play in your job?

Just like any creative person, I have an idea and a style. My senses are always ıpen, I constantly improve, I change. Sometimes I fit in, sometimes I stand out. However I make myself felt as a part of the whole extent of the project. Commercial worries are a part of each art form and I see them as a challenge of the job and they are more then welcome for me!


If you could spend a day with a designer, who would it be?

Dries Van Noten. He succeeds tremendously in reflecting a person’s state of mind that may differ as much as black and white, that is high and low. I am especially impressed with his use of patterns.


We are frequently faced with the mistake of assuming stylists style pieces according to their own style. What truly happens in the background of styling a shoot?

It depends on how a brand or magazine wants to interpret certain themes and styles. There are many companies that are completely different, as well as many stylists. Whoever picks me knows my style and thinks that I will fit in with them. This is how it goes especially if you are working freelance. Whatever the job may be, the team gets together prior to the shoot and shapes the project. I make an effort to work with people who understand my language, who I can easily get along with, and people that I call friends. When it’s a strong team, you always find a middle ground.

5 songs that you like to listen on to the most on set?

M.I.A. – Paper Planes
Francis and the Lights – The Top
Missy Elliott – Work It
Marian Hill – One Time
Caught A Ghost – No Sugar in My Coffee

What is the piece from the Fall / Winter collections that you like to style with everything?

Coach’s shearling coat.

A response you’d give to those who say “What is the big deal about styling?”

The fact that someone dresses well doesn’t mean that they can style well. No matter what anyone says, it requires a great vision, background, and effort. It is also not as glamorous as it seems from the outside.

Five women that you are inspired by?

My mother, Stevie Nicks, Erin Wasson, Anita Pallenberg, Alison Mosshart.

What is the push behind “dressing well” when you get up in the morning?

Probably due to the professional deformation, I don’t like shopping at all. Getting dressed sometimes turns into something I have to do. That’s why dressing up while having fun is the most important thing. As I walk to my dressing room, I come up with what I want to listen to, then comes the clothing. Taking the tempo of the day into consideration, I get dressed.