Desire Rebecca Moheb-Zandi, Artist

PeopleFebruary 1, 2017
Desire Rebecca Moheb-Zandi, Artist

What kind of an environment inspires you when creating?

My own bubble; where I have my looms, my library of materials and paints!

What is the philosophy behind your work that is a part of the female group show Uprise/Angry Woman?

I am proud to be part of the UPRISE/ANGRY WOMEN female group show featuring the work of 80 female contemporary artists responding to the current social and political climate in America in light of the recent presidential election. Right now it is an important time for women to demonstrate solidarity in face of the threats upon us, in regards to women’s rights.

Feminism by definition means the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. As a feminist at a young age, my curiosity started when I would see my grandmother weaving for hours at home. I am interested in bringing a conceptual aspect to this discipline. I like to twist domesticity by weaving with unorthodox materials and techniques. Using textile art as a symbolic image allows me to examine the role of women in history, and dive into matters such as gender and domesticity.


You call New York home at the moment. Where do you feel you belong to the most?

I currently live in New York. A place that makes me feel free, that helps me be surrounded by a lot of diversity which helps my creativity. Even though I feel that New York is my home, I am still very attached to Turkey. The recent political events frighten me, and at times make me realize that the beautiful Turkey where I grew up is disappearing. However I still have a lot of hopes for my country and I know that I will be calling Turkey my home again.

Are there any new shows, other projects on the way?

I am currently working with my talented artist French friend Ugo Schildge, we are creating one-of-a-kind works of art & design together. Our first piece is currently exhibited at the MaxMara venue in New York. I also have an upcoming class concour at Students Art League.

Have you met someone that had an affect on you recently?

My mother in law, Jeanette Mariani, a talented gallerist who is always there to give me advise for my artistic career and process. She always has represented artists that I admire and respect, and has a beautiful gallery called Galerie 13 in Paris.


The song that makes you happy every time you listen to it?

Babe Rainbow – Love Forever

Author: Duygu Bengi