Do all the roads in the summer go south? Despite the rest of the year, what is important is not the destination, it is the journey itself. While the steppe remains behind, the undiscovered bay, the waters that have not been entered is the way the road is brought in, you accept it, you enter it softly. Music comes to life in the rhythm of renewed nature. Life flows, summer is lived, and you discover.

Cüneyt is like the flow of summer … Calm but dynamic, slightly windy but always hot. When he falls into the rhythm of the music in the bay, he is only joined by saltwater bubbles, sunlight leaking through his fingers and rustling of leaves. Cüneyt describes the summer as “rebirth” and adds; “New ways, discoveries, colours and dynamism …” there’s so much to discover. This is the way to live summer, come join us!