Meet Hanthis!

FashionOctober 19, 2020
Meet Hanthis!

Colorful, fun, effortless and as it is! Who doesn’t want to take power from these adjectives! Keeping her relationship with colors at a high level, Hande Taşer offers a never-ending date with nature with her brand Hanthis, which emphasizes effortless elegance inspired by her own everyday style. Perhaps that’s why we throw ourselves into the greenest parts of Istanbul, fearlessly embracing the colours.

“Do not waste even a day. There’s always a place somewhere where you can do better, look for it nonstop and don’t be afraid to be different.”

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

First of all, I’m Hande! I graduated from the Department of Textile and Fashion Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. I can say that I am a passenger who finished school and went on a journey to make her dreams come true. I think you can look at Hanthis to know me. I’m hidden in patterns. Find me!

How did you discover your interest in fashion?

I guess I wasn’t even old enough to realize that I was discovering it. As long as I remember, I was always a child who drew things, liked to dress in color, mixed things up, and wore them spontaneously. And I’m glad I had the opportunity to go to the schools I wanted and improve it.

What do patterns mean to you?

Everything. One of the happiest and luckiest things in my life is that I discovered my profession when I was very young and have no doubt about it. Print design is my life’s work, I never want to do anything else. It’s my only wish to be in patterns all my life.

If we asked you to define your style…

It’s so hard for me to put my style in a definition. My style depends on how I’m feeling at that moment, how I’m feeling comfortable. I never stick to a single motto, but the only thing I pay attention to is that I have special and lifelong pieces.

How did Hanthis come about?

I’ve always had patterns, drawings because of school. Hanthis was originally an Instagram account where I shared my drawings. In fact, most of the time I forgot the account and didn’t even share. It suddenly became the center of my life in an unexpected way.

How was your journey of turning your passion into a profession?

It was a long journey, but the good thing was always to move on to the same goal. That’s what I gave me the courage to build the brand because I knew I was going to do it in 10 years. And then I was like, “Why not sooner? I should start the journey and learn it as I go.”

Signature look for Hanthis?

The signature look for Hanthis this season is definitely the snake dress. It’s the piece I worked on the most, and then I left it and made the whole collection come together around it. The feeling I feel when I wear it makes me proud. I’d say it’s like wearing my dreams.

Becoming a brand and selling their designs on Instagram is most people’s dreams. What surprised you the most along the way?

I guess it doesn’t surprise me because we have a long-term friendship with Instagram. I don’t see Instagram as a selling platform, but as a visual presentation. For me it’s like creating a moodboard. I wish it would be a page where they can get inspiration even if they don’t get the products.

At what extend is it possible to go planned?

I’ve always been a lively, excited person. I live by inspiration other than plans. Most of the time, I replace what I’ve been planning for a year with inspiration that comes overnight.

A tip for those who find the courage to brand their designs?

Do not waste even a day. There’s always a place somewhere where you can do better, look for it nonstop and don’t be afraid to be different. It’s always good to stand out a little.

What’s in store for Hanthis in the future?

I don’t articulate my dreams too much because I’m superstitious. But I hope, there would be colorful things, exciting things, things that I will be very happy about. My biggest dream is be an idol to reach an audience that is not afraid to dress in color and understands the language of patterns!

Interview by Duygu Bengi
Photography by Mina Yüce
Production by Eylül Yankın
Author: Based Istanbul