Let’s celebrate fashion together!

LifestyleOctober 20, 2020
Let’s celebrate fashion together!

Evenings spent with a good group of friends in a pretty atmosphere, where a beautiful table deepens the conversation that already flows like water, then turn into the most pleasant memories. The dinner we organized together with House Of Brothers to celebrate Fashion Week has become one of the memories.

The guests were the ones who determined the topics of the night. Designers presenting their new collections during the fashion week; Özgür Masur, Özlem Kaya, Gökay Gündoğdu and Ceren Ocak, models who bring fashion week to life Betül Ekşi, Ecenaz Aytemur and Sena Albayrak and Ahu Yağtu and Seda Akman, who inspire us always with their iconic styles, are accompanied by the House of Brothers family. Embracing all the subtle pleasures of life, the House of Brothers family is united with the fashion world.

To be aware of every moment of life, to be able to enjoy every moment, and to own all these nuances offered to us. aIf you’d like to join us this week celebrating fashion, follow @brothers1801 on social media.

Author: Burcu Erbaş