Feyhaman Duran: Iki Dünya Arasinda

Arts & CultureJanuary 17, 2017
Feyhaman Duran: Iki Dünya Arasinda

Celebrating it’s 15th year, The Sakıp Sabancı Museum presents an exhibition of one of the leading representatives on the 1914 Generation, Feyhaman Duran. The exhibition “Feyhaman Duran: Between Two Worlds,” which features his life and work, opened it’s doors to visitors.

The exhibition presents over 1,000 of the artist’s works, which he created at the period of transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic, and some parts of his home in Beyazıt with special arrangements that reveal his daily life and studio.

The reflections in his art formed by the artists return back home in the midst of an enormous transformation after having left an empire tattering close to the abyss, to the center of the global art Paris, also provide a look into the history of transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic and reveal the developments of the era.

The artist, who is renowned for his portraits due to the demand for the style in the formative period of the Turkish Republic, also has many works in styles such as still-life and landscape included in the exhibition.

Shedding light on the world of Feyhaman Duran by presenting a broad selection from him, “Feyhaman Duran. Between Two Worlds” exhibition is on view until July 30 at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum!

Author: Based Istanbul