Eda Mutuşoğlu

PeopleMarch 11, 2016
Eda Mutuşoğlu

Some “it girls” get this title because of their popularity and presence at every party and event while some earn it with their positivity, talent, and eye for creativity, almost forming a boundless connection with the onlooker. It won’t be difficult to grasp why Eda belongs in the latter group.

What would you like your last meal to be?
Tuna Tartar at L’Avenue.

What is your oldest memory from your childhood?
Trying to pack my own luggage at the age of 4. Also taking our guests to my room and showing them my recent purchases. (This habit isn’t alive anymore.)

What are you busy with currently?
One of women’s favorite subjects: shoes and bags! Leathers, textiles, molds, heels, scales, paillettes. I am busy with anything concerning these subjects. Another thing that feed my soul is doing photography which started off as a hobby and turned into a job. While doing all of these, I avoid taking my headphones off of my ears!

What has been the most memorable model of Hotiç for you?
Heeled transparent fuchsia sandals on a Hotiç poster that I saw in my mother’s office, it was hanging just behind her table.

The best advise you got from your mother?
I don’t know about it being the best advise, but an advise I appreciate the most since working is “You have to return your calls.”

A location where you would want to spend a month each year?
India, where I got the chance to visit for the first time this year; especially Kerala, Allapey in the south…

What is your solution when you can’t find anything to wear?
My mother’s closet.

Your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ quote?

The place/moment where you feel like “Eda” the most?
I might be saying this out loud for the first time but anywhere and any moment I’ve been in at 25.

Most beautiful memory from Burning Man?
When the subject at hand is Burning Man, I can’t fit it into one sentence. It was an amazing experience from the beginning ‘till end with all its difficulties and experiences. Since it was my first time, every memory is very special for me, but I can say that one of the most impressive moments was the breathtaking sunrise that never failed to surprise me every single day. Especially seeing the energy of people celebrating this moment.

What sentence do you use the most?
“I’m on the phone.”

What impression do you leave on people when they first meet you? What would you like it to be?
I am very much affected by people’s positive energy. That’s why I am careful to keep my energy high when I meet new people.

Author: Alara Kap