Beril Baştürk

PeopleMarch 11, 2016
Beril Baştürk

She began ballet at the age of 5 and it became her life. Beril took the first steps towards her career when she got into Istanbul University State Conservatory Ballet Department. As she continues her education in Beykent University Department of Stage and Performing Arts Management, she dances in Hocapaşa Cultural Center. Having won the Korean International Ballet Competition’s Jury Prize, with her transcending dance, Beril’s passion for ballet reveals itself with elegance.

Do you remember your first introduction to dance?
I was in pre-school, I started ballet there.

The biggest factor for choosing ballet as a career?
When I watched classical ballet dancers, I really wanted my arms to look like theirs and to be dancing like them. That’s why I never stopped doing ballet, ballet was forming my character and feeding my soul.

Do you have a ritual to get ready before you go on stage?
Before going on stage, I warm up, stretch for a long time, and try to build up my confidence.

What does “being on stage” mean to you?
I experience all feelings simultaneously. I both feel scared and excited. Most importantly, I feel an amazing sense of pleasure when I’m on stage.

What are musts for a good ballet dancer?
To be a good ballerina, you have to be a strong person and you have to work hard. You must be patient and love ballet a lot because ballet is not something you can do otherwise. If you want to be a good dancer, you have to be consistent. You need strong muscles, good physique and elegant arms.

How would you define the ballet discipline to someone who is not familiar with it?
Ballet is an elegant but also a rule-based branch of art that requires serious efforts and sacrifices

Is there a name you would love to share the stage with?
I would like to be on stage with Lucia Lacarra.

If we’d ask you a secret about the ballerina’s essential pointe shoes, what would it be?
The secret of pointes is that the shapes of them vary according to the size of each ballerina’s feet. We try and find the proper and most comfortable pointe brand, and stretch it out ourselves. And of course in order to protect our feet, we strap our toes before wearing a pointe and we put protective pouches. Voila! Our feet are ready!

Author: Duygu Bengi