Dear Mtv

LifestyleMarch 6, 2017
Dear Mtv

We are highly nostalgic these days, missing everything that once made sense, however is unfortunately long gone now. You almost come at the top of that list.

We’re talking about the several years when the M in MTV truly stood for music; when the weekends were dedicated to certain artists, long before pimping rides and just at the beginning of seeing cribs. This was also when Carson Daly felt like a family member; when the rank of your favorite song on TRL mattered more than your school crush.

The only channel we used to switch to when there was a bad song on was MCM, but who cares for French songs when you’re 13 and seeing life through music videos? The lyrics to No Doubt’s Don’t Speak were too complicated to handle, yet we all wanted to start a band in a garage somewhere. Jay-Z’s lyrics went straight over our heads but we knew we were witnessing history. Justin Timberlake was too young to realize his band mates didn’t sound / look nearly as good as him. Ah, MTV during the 90’s…

Lately, we might have been keeping up with the Kardashians more so than with some of our family members, and Nick’s chance of finding love on The Bachelor might almost have been as much of a worry as our own. And this all dates back to MTV’s The Real World. One of the first reality TV series that was on TV, The Real World series began taking away from music while creating curiosity towards the lives of complete strangers living in the same house. More so than the “Making Of” series, showing backstage footage of music videos of a band like Good Charlotte or P.Diddy.

…and before we knew it, music came secondary to fake characters. Here is the kind request we have: Let’s bring some music back up in this b*tch.

Collage by Damlasu Yasa

Author: Alara Kap