With Ahsen Eroğlu, Caner Yildirim and Can Ozan, Based  Istanbul and Beymen Club are counting down for a year full of exciting new discoveries!  We all dream of a dynamic new year, where greens and reds are abundant and plaid is the background of our dreams!  Combining modern style codes with bold colours, comfortable and up-to-date lines in its characteristic designs, Beymen Club compliments the spirit of the new year and accelerates our heartbeats.

For Ahsen, a new year comes with a great sense of excitement and hurry.  And the heart rates start to rise when the calendars show December. And, of course, plaids! “I can’t think of a New Year’s Eve without plaid and snow.”  Saying goodbye to 2021 with a theatre play, Ahsen emphasizes that, although people perceive her as a complainer because of her excitement and hyperactivity, she is actually a very patient person who can withstand everything. Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, Ahsen is hopeful for the new year! She has a special relationship with the number 22. “I am looking forward to 2022, and I am sure that this period of time, which comes every 100 years, will bring me luck.” For 2022, Ahsen is dreaming about opening an exhibition. We wish Ahsen a happy new year full of excitement and plaid!

For interior designer Caner, who is one of the most dynamic names in social media, the new year is full of unknowns. “For some, the new year is full of enthusiasm, or excitement, or unknowns” and adds that besides everything else, it also symbolizes a big change for him. Believing that 2022 will bring about great changes, Caner says that nothing will be the same as before and he is looking forward to it. He believes that a lot can change when people’s perspectives on life change; “I wish not for the world but for the people to change.” His other wish for 2022 is for it to be full of “freedoms.” He talks about how he wants to travel and explore the world freely with his family. And on New Year’s Eve, he dreams of being together with his dear friends and the gifts they bring.  

Believing good things will happen in 2022, Can quotes his song and says, “but first, bad things will happen, because as they say, it’s hard to be happy without seeing a couple of bad days.” His biggest wish for 2022 is to make great songs. “I want a future full of love, sea and beaches, and I want to make beautiful music in a peaceful social environment.” He adds that he wants to travel more and explore new places in the new year. And his must-haves for New Year’s Eve are Santa Claus and lots of gifts. 

If exploring is a timeless and unlimited journey, there’s no doubt that Ahsen, Can and Caner’s journeys will continue unabated in the new year. Starting anew with every discovery, this journey is filled with new inspirations and dreams, and 2022 is the continuation of this journey. Inspired by the exploration spirit of Beymen Club, only one question comes to mind; “Where to?”