She decided to become an actress at a very young age. She went to school in the United States for the job she set her heart to. In the beginning of her career, she starred in a film by Zeki Demirkubuz. Then again, her success was not an exception; After Bulantı, there were other important directors, and other important films… “I’m just at the beginning of the road. This road is long and challenging.” God speed, Cemre Ebüzziya!

It’s classic; the question of ‘Which directors would you like to work with the most’ has Zeki Demirkubuz included in the answer. Was it the same for you?

Undoubtedly! I admired his films.

What do you think about experiencing something others have dreamed of?

I think that I am absolutely very lucky.

What would be the first reaction of a young actress when her role is finalized in a Zeki Demirkubuz film?

To be honest, I was very surprised. I had two auditions, at the end of the second one he told me that he wanted to work with me, I was really excited, I couldn’t even believe it. Once I started to work on the script, is when I realized it.

When you work with important directors at the beginning of your career, it feels like you wouldn’t accept any project on a whim. Is that the case? Does the responsibility of being a part of successful projects create limitations?

My concern is the story… The story’s content, authenticity and how it’s transferred to the screen… Then, the journey of the character I’m going to play and the meaning it symbolizes… The more intimate and honest it is, the more interested I am. Of course I have a responsibility as an actress, I have to tell the story as intimately and honestly as possible. But I don’t feel any limitations. Both in theatre and cinema there are really powerful projects. Especially in Turkish Cinema they shoot very valuable stories. I watch them with excitement.

In ‘Bulantı’ you acted with Zeki Demirkubuz. Performing with the director is not something every actress can experience easily. What are your opinions on this?

It’s true. It’s a big opportunity and it seems like it won’t occur again. It was a very valuable experience to shoot my first feature- length film acting with Zeki Demirkubuz. It was a very difficult journey yet I learned so much.

Enough time has passed after the film for you to be able to reflect on your character. Today, what do you feel about ‘Bulantı’ and the character of Özge?

Last month, I had a chance to watch the film for the third time at Istanbul Modern. It was an odd confrontation because I was watching it after 1,5 years. I changed and matured with time. That’s why the last time I watched the film, I said “I wish I had handled this part differently, I wish I had acted that part with a more profound approach.” But one doesn’t get anywhere with ‘I wish…’

‘Learning How To Swim’, ‘Bulantı’, ‘Kasap Havası’, ‘Dar Elbise’… Since last year you’ve been progressing continually. Do you feel like you “broke a leg”?

I’m just in the beginning of the road. I am learning, trying, and slowly getting to know myself. This road is long and challenging, I will need my legs in this marathon (laughs)!

“I can’t wait for female directors to have a bigger role and space in Turkish cinema.”

Television series are going through a rough curve. After ‘Muhteşem Yüzyıl’, you were picky. Are you a little bit cautious on this issue?

Yes, it’s a rough time for everyone. As I haven’t seen any scripts that I want to tell or perform in, I do not have a series project right now.

Could you briefly tell us about your roles in ‘Kasap Havası’ and ‘Dar Elbise’?

I played very different characters in ‘Kasap Havası’ and ‘Dar Elbise’. Their common feature is that both characters are young women who live in difficult conditions in their own way and try to make their dreams come true… To my luck, I have been playing different roles since school. I hope it continues like this…

How did you decide to study acting? Why did you choose to study abroad?

I was hung up on being an actress at a very early age. I thought I needed a solid education for structure. With my family’s support I decided to go to the United States and thanks to my mentor, my beloved teacher Çiğdem Selışık, I was informed about North Carolina School of Arts. I prepared for it and got accepted. Thus the adventure began…

What inspires you these days?

I feed myself by wandering around, watching films and observing my environment lately. Last month I had a chance to see a lot of films in the Berlinale Film Festival. The Turkish films that competed were very powerful. Watching the films by Aslı Özge and Ahu Öztürk and being inspired by them is a great pleasure and honor… I can’t wait for female directors to have bigger roles and space in Turkish cinema.

How are you? It’s a frequently asked question and it’s always answered very casually. Now as our last question, I would like to ask with its real meaning; how are you today, these days?

I am not okay, the future of my country is not looking very good. It’s very dark… Developments in other countries are also worrying. I don’t know what I can do. I watch the progress, I read, I research, I discuss and unfortunately that’s all I do. I hope I will get a more constructive method and I will move my job and art to a place where they take stand on today’s problems.

Photography: Fora Norman