Without A Word By Youness Benali

UnframedMarch 2, 2016
Without A Word By Youness Benali

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, to Moroccan parents, Youness Benali has created a film without limits, a film that evokes emotions and feelings.

“I think I hesitated with using dance in the film, as I felt that for a lot of people who see this film (and a lot of my work), they will think of it as a dance film. But for me I just see it as these characters, people, that are expressing their pain, their feelings and their struggle with the use of body movement, and I don’t necessarily think of it as dance.”

“I had high hopes of using an orchestra to create the sound for the film, but the budget by no means matched my ambition. But I guess that’s the beauty with film and passion – you create your own luck in a sense and I was real lucky, that I found Benjamien Lycke, the composer who loved the film as much as I loved his work.”

Author: Based Istanbul