Bottega Vaneta 2019 Spring Campaign is here!

NewsFebruary 1, 2019
Bottega Vaneta 2019 Spring Campaign is here!

With the Spring approaching, each brand started to publish their 19’ Spring campaigns. By this occasion, we are adding a new one to the family of brands with new creative directors like Ricardo Tisci’s Burberry, Hedi Slimane’s Celine, etc. and it is Daniel Lee’s Bottega Vaneta. The 32 years old young designer is making his debut for the very first time of his.

Models from different ages and different profiles have been preferred to shoot for the campaign which performed by the photographer Tyrone Lebon in a secret mansion in the Iscia island of Italy. It seems like Lebon prefered to catch the moment instead of classical exposures during the shootings. Natural look on the models’ hair and no-make-up make-ups are kind of supporting this preference.  When we review the outcomes of this shoot, the first thing that attracts our attention is that models are the representation of only and only the designs which are wanted to be highlighted. Like a naked model wearing only a shoe or another one with only a topcoat. The main reason of this is nothing but Lee trying to recount the connection in between leather and human skin to us.  Lee is a designer who has worked with Phoebe Philo in Céline, and he definitely brought in the dna through to Bottega Vaneta. The old perception of the brand has been replaced with natural and sophisticated looks and it has been evolved into a new and more plain soul. He brought the powerful attitude with more timeless and more quality designs.

Have you missed the Céline, is it possible to say that Bottega Vaneta can fill this gap? We can not wait for Milan Fashion Week in Feb, to see the show of this impersonated brand!


Author: Burcu Ece İlgü