NewsFebruary 1, 2019

Gucci Art Walls, we first met with the brand’s Spring-Summer 18’ campaign, reveals to approach a social issue this time. The “Chime For Change” campaign which emphasizes the equality of women and men was always on the radar of Alessandro Michele since the day it has started in 2013. And now the murals and illustrations target this campaign with the collaboration in between Alessandro and the Italian artist MP5.

We know that Michele always followed the right way for his collection campaigns, but this breakthrough is very obvious and very expected if you listen the speeches of his about sexism, equality of women and men and body shaming. He started a new co-campaign that called as “To Gather Together” to support the “Chime For Change” and it reflects the substance of the campaing with genderless figures in an outstanding way. It is possible to ran into these art walls in London, New York, Milan and Hong Kong. If you are planning a travel to these cities in the next days, you may testify to this big but quite protest!

Author: Burcu Ece İlgü