Banksy’den Otel Deneyimi: Walled Off Hotel

NewsMay 8, 2017
Banksy’den Otel Deneyimi: Walled Off Hotel

We don’t know how you feel about sleeping in a real artwork, or accommodating at a hotel on the border between Israel and Palestine, but Walled Off Hotel will surely take your breath away.

Nowadays, Banksy deals with the controversial wall erected by Israel along its border with Palestine. Surrounding the West Bank, this wall represents safety for Israel and a limitation of freedom for Palestine. Banksy narrates the effect of the war at the hotel he named Walled Off.

The name of the hotel is named to explain the situation. Described as “the hotel with the world’s worst scenery,” Walled Off is, accordingly surrounded by walls. The interior décor resembles a British Gentlemen’s Club as a critique of the historic British colonialism. Another feature of the building, which has been secretly prepared for months, is that it lets sunlight in only for 25 minutes a day. In addition to these bleak details, each of the 10 rooms of the hotel displays a different artwork by Banksy.



Author: Duygu Bengi