Your 20’s are such a decade that makes Britney Spears wise words “I’m not a girl not yet a woman…” ocean deep. A time where we are not 19-year-old kids, or 30-year-old adults takes ‘the 10-year challenge’ to a whole another level with series of mistakes that makes us feel like we’ve lost our last chance at life.  Even though the word “mistake” stands for an error that is done unintentionally, we choose to look at mistakes as the “auto corrects” of life and to use its corrections to navigate us towards the right path.  We recommend using the following mistakes as an Alka-Seltzer to reduce headaches.

Partying Like There’s No Tomorrow 

Unlike the 30s, when you party on a Wednesday night and live a Thursday as if it were 48 hours, the concept of a hangover in the 20s is thought to be an urban legend. You can go straight to work without sleeping, after dawns where the sunrise and the sunset are no different and the concept of time is lost. These non-deductible expenses from your body’s overdraft account can come back to you as a small bankruptcy in your 30s.

Not Eating Properly

Your metabolism may be running like Usain Bolt right now, but not gaining weight does not count as eating healthy, nor is artichoke pizza a substitute for vegetables, unfortunately.

Not Saving Money

You notice that the money you spend on partying and shopping in your 20s corresponds to a two-bedroom apartment when you complain about the rent you pay in your 30s. At the point where you understand the importance of saving money, you have a nice credit card debt, instead of a proper credit score.

Believing That You’ve Found the Love Of Your Life

If you think you’ve found the love of your life, but the things are going badly, think of it like this; you’re at the beginning of the show you’re starring in, and you can’t be with Chuck unless you leave Nate behind and if you feel sorry for Berger, you can’t be happy with Mr Big.

Sleeping with Your Makeup On

If you look at the prices of products such as night cream, revitalizing serum and under-eye cream, we are sure you will want to avoid this inevitable line of care as much as possible.

Being Poisoned by Toxic Relationships

We recommend that you detox as soon as you experience the heartbreak of losing the other half of your ‘best friends’ bracelets and realize that the people you once thought were feeding you are poisoning you.