A True Life

FashionJuly 5, 2019
A True Life

As the fashion industry continues to make a decidedly positive shift towards the ethical and sustainable, a new breed of designers or perhaps artisans the word here comes to the fore. Accidente Con Flores, an Antwerp- based womenswear brand show the meaning of instinctual inspiration which should be affirmed and revered… There are few figures as revered within contemporary culture and who focuses on what matters… Ola and Ari are one of the savers for our generation. Their brand; Accidente Con Flores caught our eyes. with their alttitude of breaking the rules. They prefer not to follow trends or rush to produce seasonally-specific collections. Instead, they design, cut and stitch all of their sustainable pieces right in their own atelier using organic fabrics and non-toxic inks for their screen prints… Doing good for the the world we live in… The duo celebrates their newfound independence in the industry. which offers an unprecedented insight into their extraordinary world. And now it is time for you to enjoy their vision, an inspiring story…

What is your story?

We met 5 years ago in Antwerp, Belgium, when Ola was looking for an artist to create prints for her graduate collection in the Fashion Department at the Royal Academy of Arts. Shortly we got together as a couple but we kept collaborating professionally as well, in addition to our daily duties and individual careers for more than two years. We always felt that we would like to work together and create our own independent multidisciplinary design studio. Due to our previous experience, Accidente con flores started with clothes, but from the very beginning we perceived it as something much broader in scope. Shortly after moving to Ibiza, we began to collaborate with local artisans and added to our offer first ceramic line.We always wanted to open a space where we will be able to connect with people through our designs and to serve the local community through our other passions, such as yoga, healthy food and mindfulness. We believe that creative and friendly community is very important nowadays.

What’s the most important aspect of art to you?

Freedom, creativity and connection.

Do you find your work to be calculated or spontaneous?

Absolutely spontaneous. Our work reflects our life – very instinctive and emotional.

How often do you find time to rest in your week? What does the act of leisure look like for you and how do you separate it from your work?

We are lucky to be living on a beautiful island – Mallorca. Our atelier is based in a small village surrounded with mountains and greenspaces. Whenever we find the time to rest, we usually just go out for a walk, but sometimes we also enjoy beaches or art exhibitions in the city. We are very young brand with a small team and we have to manage everything by ourselves. Therefore our ‘to-do’ list seems like a real never-ending story, and to keep a good work-life balance is still very challenging. But we are working on it.

You design, cut and stitch all of your sustainable pieces right in your very own atelier using GOTS-certified organic fabrics and non-toxic inks for your screen prints, Why do you think is so important to be Sustainable at this time?

We want Accidente to be an ongoing process; you may think of it as one, timeless and constantly growing collection. We prefer to create each piece separately as an independent entity, whose meaning does not depend on trends imposed from outside. We are aware of the consequences and environmental impact of the way too fast clothing industry, which is considered a second largest polluter in the world. We believe we can offer a better alternative and transform this industry together. There is no time for excuses, everyone should take responsibility for our planet.

Since you are working hand in hand within all the projects, How does it work being collaborative all the time for something in common?

It is often hard to be partners in life and business but on the other hand, working together makes us happier and brings a lot of satisfaction. We also realized that when we combine our skills the results are better, stronger and more complete. We had to learn how to share our tasks and now we are very clear about our roles in the atelier. While Ola is responsible for our design team for the clothing line, Adri works close to artisans on our ceramic pieces. Of course, we discuss all the projects and ideas together. We consult each other everyday but simultaneously both of us have the necessary space to be creative as well.

Can you give us few hints about the inspiration behind your creative hub?

Currently, we are exploring traditional artisanal techniques from Mallorca.

In what way do you use your own style into Accidente Con Flore’s universe?

Everything we do is based on what we like, our personal taste and experience.

A morning routine?

Warm water with lemon, meditation and set of kundalini yoga. Cortado with breakfast on our office terrace.Making a plan for the day.

A coffee?

Spanish cortado in the morning.

A book?

Ola is reading now ‘True Perception; the path of dharma art’ by Chogyam Trungpa and Adri Tom Sharpe’s series.

A Colour?

All of them.

A summer getaway means?

Lazy days in a quiet place with sea view and books.

Fotoğraf / Photography by VALENTINA RICCARDI
Author: Zeynep Sahin