Reflecting The Echoes: In The Void

LifestyleFebruary 4, 2019
Reflecting The Echoes: In The Void

Music; could it be a way to build an identity? Why would people focus on the idea of unseen? Do you think ‘change’ is in the night’s direction? Who decides on the idea of the city becoming a whole? While talking about all these with Sibel from ‘In The Void’, aims to give a voice to the local independent creatives, and now the underground culture of Istanbul is even more charming than ever it’s been.

What is the reason behind ‘In The Void and How did you become a whole in the process?

In The Void was born as a movement, out of the need to give a voice to the people outside of the mainstream line, especially on the electronic music area, to make them visible and lasting.

What is your definition of night life?

It’s just like a clock; a rusty one… And it has flat batteries but it keeps on working. The cities that this system clings to keep itself going… And when the sun goes down, when everyone goes home, it’s just a handful of moments, feeling like ourselves and gathering with people like us.

What is your definition of the word ‘fun’? Why do we need it? Is it a part of being a human or a way to avoid the problems?

If we can sleep, laugh or get angry; we can also have fun. It depends on people how to do it, of course. A given entertainment package is an option for those who love to consume faster. But the essence is to have fun in this madness and to have fun constantly! It is all abouy not to avoid  problems but to overcome them.

What do you think about the alternative stages in Istanbul? Do you think there are enough venues to do more and is it enough to think about productions and supports to last?

The things we witnessed for the past 3-4 years are so beautiful. We went out regardless on what will happen, we came together and shared so many memories. It’s so precious to experience being together with the people at the same place as before and this is by choice, to be somewhere rather then the places we were supposed to go such as school or workplaces. This rising energy will last in the future, for sure. It will build the future. Under this country’s current situation we do our best, we wont be silent. We only have one wish; we wish the venues to be more understanding. Not to act according to their interest and to be open to the new ideas, to new music genres. In this country full of underestimated artists; the only way is to appreciate and support.

Author: Ozan Tezvaran