Avangart Obsessions

TVDecember 9, 2022
Avangart Obsessions

We meet five performance artists, joining forces – though each reflects different personas; different desires. We put them together to show their desires to hope. At that point; hope is not an end-story; hope is the road itself and the only way to achieve it is to keep your obsessions and believe in being a part of the whole.

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Creative Director Duygu Bengi

Fashion by Burak Sanuk

Photography by Zeynep Özkanca

Video by Celal Özgül

Performance Artists Alya Dormen, Burcu Bilgiç, Derin Günay, Ekin Bernay, Furkan Yılmaz

Hair by Hüseyin Açıkgöz

MUA Aslı Bilge

Make Up Assisted by Ömer Delibaş

Photography Assistant Bülent Özber

Fashion Team Murat Kıvık, Samiye Seda Korkmaz

Author: Based Istanbul