You are what you are

UnframedDecember 14, 2017
You are what you are

You probably encountered Giuseppe Palmisano’s well-curated Instagram account “@iosonopipo.” Italian artist doesn’t only take pictures but actually creates mise en scène in his photographs. The artist manipulates body as an object and conceives supremely theatrical language originating from his background in acting.

Which discipline you think reflects you the most?

I think theatre and dance but maybe a day it will be cinema.

What was the influence behind ‘Abat-jour’ series?

I don’t know, maybe I came across the work of Rodney Smith, but I unconsciously shoot the first abat-jour in 2012, starting from an improvisation with my model friend Mari and the furniture in her apartment.

Looking through your photography, we can tell it is your work. How do you construct that unique language of yours?

Probably the reason is I didn’t come from photography, but I was an actor. I just changed the medium that I use to express myself.

Photographic theater is a term used to define what you do. How would you explain it in your own words?

When you forget that you’re shooting and you are holding a camera, when you forget the reason you’re in the same room with a model, when you start to play and enjoy yourself as a child, so than you start to do Photographic Theater.

Have you ever considered working with male models?

Yes, several times, and I think I will one day. I want to make that experiment, maybe it will don’t do it under “Iosonopipo”. My only worry about it is that I prefer male models that look like woman. So, I would not be free as much as when I shoot with women because I don’t do body discrimination.

Author: Serra Duran