The Spanish Muse

LifestyleDecember 17, 2017
The Spanish Muse

Madrid-based art director Inès Ybarra creates visual magic for brands. Ybarra, also the owner of an incredible wardrobe, has a growing presence in the fashion and art world. Her classy way of seeing things brings a natural elegance to her work. Here is how she breakout Spanish art seen in her own words.

What led you to this area?

I don’t know area I am or I want to be. I guess curiosity and wanting to express myself led me here.

How do you feel about being a creative woman in today’s world?

Lucky. It is true that men are usually paid more than women and that we still need to fight for equality, but as I get older I have understood that it is not always about gender. I think it is not only men who need to get over social standards but also us as women. We need to believe that we deserve asking for more.

Can you tell us in few words what excites you and what stops you during your creative process?

For me the investigation is to enrich ourselves as individuals, producing it is to put ourselves in test of what we have learned to later enrich others about who we are becoming.

Spanish fashion and street style is clearly unique and has some distinctive features, especially in Madrid. Can you tell us your thoughts?

I would say in general people dress very classy in Madrid but it is true that on the creative scene the freedom is total. Many people talk about a second La Movida Madrileña led by designer Alejandro Palomo. The first one was led by Pedro Almodovar, and was characterized by freedom of expression and transgression of the taboos. It s quite impressive to see this crowd of young creative men wear Palomo’s designs that will be considered by social standards women clothes.

Other than Madrid, what city inspires your style with its art, culture and lifestyle?

Rome, the enrichment of most of its buildings and churches are insane. The frescoes, the sculptures, that combination of being created for centuries by the best artists of each era.

How would you describe your work in few words?

I would say it’s very clean. I also come from an art background so the thing I care about the most is to have a concept behind the subject.

What is the project that you are currently working on?

I will start working as a creative director for a fashion company just after Christmas. So I guess I would take that opportunity to make the work I do outside the company more personal, with no brands involved and way more artsy.

Can you name some contemporary artists that inspire your vision the most?

Unfortunately, many of my main inspirations have passed away. Most not so long ago. From film directors Krzysztof Kieślowski. I love his sensitivity, I have yet not seen a director to manage to create so much beauty visually. His control of light and sound is impressive. From Pablo Picasso, I love how he managed to recreate himself so many times and get recognition each time. Most artist stick into a style when they see it gets good critics and works commercially.

Is there any music genre or song that you recently listen to?

I’m stuck into the music I used to listen when I was younger. To give a few examples: Music when the light s go out (Acoustic version) by Pete Doherty, Elephant Gun by Beirut, El hombre que casi conocio a Michi Panero by Nacho Vegas.

Which Instagram account catches your attention the most nowadays?

Pennylane, Tony Gum, Louise Cehofski, John Yuyi, Filip Custic

Someone you want to work with?

I’m going to dream big. Here it goes: David Hockney. I’d love to have a talk about his work and the history of art for days. I would love to do a music video for Bob Dylan. In photography, I like Irving Penn and how he managed to be so messy and elegant when he shot still-life.
Design some furniture with Pierre Cardin. And again, if It was possible to bring someone from the dead, I would like it to become Irving Penn’s assistant for a couple of years and do lots of still-lives, I’d also be extremely happy to become Alexander McQueen’s assistant.

Can you list 3 upcoming fashion designers that we need to know?

Palomo Spain, Paloma Wool, Mane Mané, Jacquemus and Jonathan Anderson. Though the last two ones are already established, I believe they will become something way bigger.

Author: Serra Duran