What is more expressive now?: Artem Shumov

FashionMarch 25, 2019
What is more expressive now?: Artem Shumov

A vision, dreaming each day to create… Experiencing different cultures and understanding authentic identities. Artem Shumov shows us all how an inspiring designer like him can stay true to himself. ‘

Everything around me inspires for me to create’ says Shumov; think of a person who constantly questions “what is important?” and “what is more expressive?”. From St Petersburg to Shangai, Artem Shumov creates stories to dream about… And it is time for you to enjoy this journey with him!

The world is very open now. Therefore, it is important to understand who you are.

How did you start with Artem Shumov?

I decided to become a designer when I was 4 years old. I was in love with a girl in kindergarten. The girl had a Barbie doll without clothes. Then I sewed my first dress for this doll. Since that moment I wanted be a designer.

What is the story behind your brand and aesthetic?

Comfort and simplicity are the most important thing for me. I strive to make clothes comfortable physically and mentally. A lot of things surround us around. A lot of things are around us. Therefore, I strive to make clothes in this style. Sport-chis is matching with my aesthetics at the moment.

How have you grown since you started you brand?

Fashion is endless. I always learn something in fashion. This is the study of sociology, theories of the arts, the structure of the body, bespoke tailoring, mass-market production, economic, marketing. Fashion is everywhere, that is the reason behind my passion towards it.

In a digital world where connection is everything; do you think having a voice is more important than ever?

Yes, I think so. Privacy and art is more important than ever. The world is very open now. Therefore, it is important to understand who you are. Therefore, having an authentic voice is important.

Where do you look at for inspiration?

I try to study everything around me. This is my inspiration. I often do collections about my condition at the moment. I think it is more honest with clients.

What are thought on Russia and youth culture?

Time for a change. Generation changes. This is a very interesting time for Russia and the whole world. The parents of my generation lived through very, very difficult times. They had to survive in order to earn money for a piece of bread for children. Not even for themselves, but for children. I was very small, but I remember that time. Therefore, my generation is not so bold in action. The next generation does not know what survival is. They want a better life. And this is a strong generation. I hope so.

Artem Shumov

How does your cultural background inspire your design process?

Russian culture is very deep. We experienced a lot of different eras. This is a very big part of my inspiration. But I am more interested in how Russia combines so many different peoples, cultures and religions. You live in an apartment with your neighbors. Someone is listening to loud music, someone is cooking with a strong smell. And you live in the same house and therefore must be tolerant. So, Russia is surrounded by completely different neighbors. Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, developed countries, traditional countries. Therefore, this mix gives a lot of difficulties, and at the same time a lot of thoughts.

You live in Shanghai and your brand is based in St. Petersburg. How do you mix the souls of these two so different cities?

It was very difficult at the beginning. Because I’m used to Scandinavian design. Straight black coat is the main character, I guess. But Shanghai is very bright, very fast. It is a completely different city than St. Petersburg. But I respect the culture of Russia and China. Respect and acceptance is very important.

What are the characteristics that a young brand should have to establish itself on the market of today?

Personality. Please, do not rush for fast money.

An image that describes the soul of your brand?

The person who found himself.

If you were complete the sentence, fashion is …….. today.


Author: Zeynep Sahin