Patrick Bienert and Max von Gumppenberg

Max von Gumppenberg and Patrick Bienert have turned their 17- year – ong friendship into a business. They mey when Max was assisting and Patrick studied Photography, and for nearly a decade, they’ve been collaborating on many fashion projects. A few years back, they photographed an exhibition titled “Woman” in Istanbul for Dazed. They describe this experience as “We were in love with Istanbul for a long time and always wanted to realize a project there. It was very interesting but also not so easy in certain areas to approach women on the street.” Adopting a “documentary approach” in their works, the duo emphasizes the importance of maintaining this attitude.

Let’s talk about their new book Wake Up Nights. As you flip through the pages of the book which showcases what happens beyond the music and clubs in the rave culture in Kiev, Ukraine, you can feel the personality of their subjects in a candid and romantic way. Patrick says that they’ve been to all countries around the Black Sea and tells the story of Wake Up Nights, “We came to Kiev from Odessa the first time. We did several fashion projects in Kiev. Many friendships led to a personal interest and to the idea to make a book from the images we’ve taken over the period of three years.” The rave culture in Kiev is about something bigger than partying; it’s positioned
in a way Its a place where you can escape and have fun. The new generation creates this as a way to escape. They just want to have fun and feel free, and live this to the fullest. Max von Gumppenberg and Patrick Bienert name this story that focuses on capturing the people and the moment “Wake Up Nights” and are inspired by people who sleep at night and go to part early in the morning.

Believing that photography is a journey of understanding, the duo underlines the great influence of architecture and cultural diversity and adds, “Personal interest is very important to show your point of view.” We cannot wait to see new photographs by Max and Patrick who spend more time in the East, especially in Morocco, and leave you alone with Wake Up Nights.