It’s only been two years but he is as strong as centuries! Victor Barragán is one of the most exciting names in the fashion industry nowadays. His decisions are sharp! He quit industrial design to focus on his personal projects and moved to NY. We are excited to learn more about the story behind the 25-year-old conqueror of the fashion industry.

How did you decide on starting your own brand?

For now, I started with another name, I wasn’t sure about what I was doing or had any idea about fashion. So I learned by working and I continue to learn with practice. I started with silk screen in high school then started playing with shapes.

For those who don’t know, what is the driving concept behind Barragan?

Barragan is pretty personal. I found inspirations and concepts from my personal life.

You are bringing something new into fashion by bringing unexpected prints and materials together. What do you think about the future of fashion, are we going to see more unorthodox designs and materials together?

In New York, so many young designers like me found a place where they can keep showing their work and grow with the new generation of creative people. I produce visual ideas with my brand about what clothing could be.

Did people ask for something as daring as this?


How do you feel about the interest towards the brand and how are you handling it?

I think the job gets hard when it stops being a sporadically fun project and actually starts turning into a real business where you need to be clever and focus on your decisions to keep the cash flow coming and the creative side clear.

What’s the importance of the internet in terms of the aesthetic and how you run your brand?

We use social media a lot to communicate our ideas as the same or as visual parts of documentation. We are a brand that people consume with their eyes as well as wearing the clothing.

Can you talk about the creative process behind your collections?

I feel each season is a new theme and a new story about what is going on around my personal life. The process is always messy until the end when we need to have an order to fill out the needs to keep working on a seasonal time with fashion week, buyers, press etc…

What’s a typical day for you?

I wake up and go to sleep responding to emails and checking work with my team in Mexico. I find time to work on new ideas, which is a real challenge in New York. As for the financial part, all our moves need to be well thought of. I cook a lot, mostly every day.

What’s the next step for you? Any new projects on the horizon?

I would love to work for another brand. I feel like there is so much I need to learn. We are planning on collaborating with different artists continually.