Summer opens up a door made out of dreams. When you enter through it; time, space, and all concepts break away from reality and invite you to a place where everything in life is bathed in a positive light. It is like always seeing the glass half full… May you find your own utopia! Pınar Deniz is here with us on 39th issue of Based İstanbul, with her story that will help us find our own utopia.

Follow the link to read Pınar’s interview!

Creative Direction by Duygu Bengi & Burak Sanuk
Photography by Eylül Ezik ⁠⁠
Filmed by Hami Özkan
Fashion Director Burak Sanuk
Set Design by Atıl Aggündüz
Styled by Aras Kılıç ⁠⁠
Hair by Remiz Ateş
MUA Nüvit Tiryaki
Production BI CREATIVE
Head of Production Beril Odabaşı, Atakan Katlanç
Prod. Executives Adem Özten, Elif Köse
⁠VFX Eylül Kızılgün 
Video Crew Hüseyin Kama, Kaan Köymen
Video Assistant Murat Özen
Color Sabri Hasdal
Light Muzaffer Temiz
Photography Assistant Barış Köroğlu⁠
Fashion Editor Assistant Eylül Yekenkülüğ⁠