Uncovering The Unheeded

An unidentified identity... Dinçer İşgel defines himself with these words and his ultimate wish is to keep being on the road. Identifying even the concept of home in this way, he underlines the needlessness of matter; “I don't feel the need to put myself in…

Follow The Wind w/ Serkay Tütüncü

Revisit your childhood, or the moments spent alone with yourself... The child within you comes alive whenever you are alone. The exciting dreams you had about the future, imagined even in the worst of situations... these are the ones that take you forward. Face all…

Geriye Çarpmadan Gidebilecek Miyim?

In these days when the whole world is falling apart, a few minutes you will spare for a conversation between two people who know each other very well, as a memory rather than an interview, summarizes the state of being on the road in summer,…

Dreaming About Future

This past period had pushed the "future anxiety" button in our minds. While the existence of anxiety at an optimum level actually causes the person to take action against the element of concern and strive to find a solution, the difficulty of adjusting the dose…

Alpha Waves w/ Pınar Deniz

Summer opens up a door made out of dreams. When you enter through it; time, space, and all concepts break away from reality and invite you to a place where everything in life is bathed in a positive light. It is like always seeing the…

Welcome to Asia with Les Benjamins

What divides Istanbul into two continents? The current? People's moods? Nature's courage? The shadow of history? The houses? The offices? When all of these questions are meddling with our minds every day, Les Benjamins opens their second store in "the Asian side", taking us to…

Galactic w/ Gaye Su Akyol

When I see someone who loves to dream as much as I do, the world stops spinning. I want to beam into their mind. The year 2020 began for me with "steady dreams" and I did everything I could to keep it going, so finishing…

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