Galactic w/ Gaye Su Akyol

When I see someone who loves to dream as much as I do, the world stops spinning. I want to beam into their mind. The year 2020 began for me with "steady dreams" and I did everything I could to keep it going, so finishing…

The Movement

  We're going through a period where everything stops and slows down. We have the urge to keep moving, out of spite... To learn to breathe, to be able to hear but to stay in action. We are women who do not tolerate slowing down,…

How to not lose your excitement?

Starting his design journey without even noticing himself, Yasin Aribuga's passion for drawing began as a child, like most artists.  "Ever since I was a kid, I've always drawn, even if they were hideous." Yasin now spends his days working for art collectives called AfterWork,…

Eco-friendly Football

Turkey's national team jerseys, redesigned by Nike every two years with a traditional excitement, stand out this year not only with their appearance but also with a high environmental awareness. The new jerseys, made for both national team players and fans, have been made from…

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