Take A Deep Breath w/ Dilara Akbal

UnframedJune 15, 2022
Take A Deep Breath w/ Dilara Akbal

The vivid colors and animal figures draw attention to her drawings at first glance and this is exactly what Dilara Akbal wants to do: to bring out the fun character in her. Making Istanbul sympathetic with her drawings, the illustrator, in her own words, loves the boundlessness within borders.

Dilara Akbal, a graphic design graduate, embodies her ideas with the drive to turn what she encounters on the road into a game. The natural life and countryside in Konya have an impact on her drawings. As a matter of fact, the inspiration for dark yellow and green tones is the small city. “While watching the problems in the small city, you are involved in Istanbul.” says Dilara Akbal. When we examine her collaborations with many brands, it is obvious that she does not seek profit from the vivid colors, animal figures and unique humor. You can see the drawings of Dilara, who loves the limits within the borders, in the meeting room, shoe store or by the pool.

It is nice to see the metropolis that suffocates us from time to time, integrated with the green color we miss, and to be able to look at it in a childlike way.

How old do you feel?

Your top priority in life.

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What scares you the most?

How do you draw getting out of your comfort zone?

To keep control or to go with the flow?

A carefree life.

Is the glass half full or empty?

Predictability or excitement?

Author: Sıla Sağlam