How do you feel when there are so many places yet to discover where the learning happens in between moments, like after a wave passes?  How do you feel when the wind hits your face and experience all your dreams? Summer means the movement of wawe, the feeling of sunlight and the laughter of your loved ones… It means going to the beach and having fun… There are times in people’s life you just have to live the moment, have that last bite, go to that party and do not regret any step you take… You make your comfort zone as wide as the whole universe. And carpe diem…

We are here with Nilperi Şahinkaya who is the explanation of what summer means her laughter is lauder than words and her energy lights up the room. Remember the feeling of the unexpected sunburn, the whole day at the beach and not be bother with one single thing… Dive right into our summer story… Andy yes ‘This is Living’ Enjoy the ride!

Nilperi Şahinkaya
Elbise/Dress: EXCUISE / L’APPART, Güneş Gözlüğü/Sunglasses: MIU MIU, Yüzükler/Rings: MERANO DESIGN /STUDIO’11

Bence yaz bir kutlamadır, her seferinde kendimizi doğayı yeniden keşfederiz.

Nilperi Şahinkaya
T-shirt, Bikini: PSC, Yüzükler/Rings: MERANO DESIGN /STUDIO’11
Tshirt: PSC, Yüzükler/Rings: MERANO DESIGN /STUDIO’11
A Creative Collaboration
BI Creative x Kiraz PR x This Is Living
Photography by ZEYNEP ÖZKANCA