Beauty is represented with grace and elegance… Using lights in an interesting way, which makes Gleeson Paulino able to create highly expressive atmospheres that emanate a great sense of freedom. He creates a visionary world within his photography. A complex relationship with light and freedom. The idea of expressing emotions within his work is the key that makes him unique as a creative. He is a photographer who breaks all the rules and embracing the un-expected mistakes and twisting them into an un-believable beauty. His goal is to ‘connect’ people and we had the chance to talk on what matters to him on his journey of art!

How did you start your journey in photography, what inspired you to follow this path?
Gleeson Paulino: I always been interested in photography since I was a child. My family and I would spend every summer holidays at my grandparents. There I would spend hours in my grandma’s living room looking at her old photograph family album. I was fascinated by all those lives, stories, and memories that already have existed. In my head I was questioning how was that possible? And every year a new way to look at them emerged.
What is provocative for you in your life?
Gleeson Paulino: Being able to express fully all my feelings and thoughts through my lenses…
What inspires you to break certain social rules in society?
Gleeson Paulino: Connecting with different cultures, through my travels I meet many people with such different paths and inspiring stories that proofs that the same reality we live in, hers, mine, and yours have a different lens.
The world is an eternal creative space and has a moving energy, if there would be one city that can feel your soul which one would it be?
Gleeson Paulino: I’m not able to choose just one place, there are many places on Earth that I feel profoundly connected to.
Do you think the best dialogue means a good art or good conversation?
Gleeson Paulino: Good art you just feel and may be starts a good conversation.
If there was one word to describe your work, what would it be?
Gleeson Paulino: FREEDOM.
How did your work aesthetic changed over the years?
Gleeson Paulino: As time pass by I discover new things about myself, and the way I process my feelings have matured. This has enabled my to bring a more assertive aesthetic in my work.
What is your expectation from the future and what are we going to see from your during this time?
Gleeson Paulino: I don’t have much expectations about the future, I am trying to not thinking much about this. I’m not a very rational person (I like that excuse… which is true). I’m a very impulsive person …
Is there a one special project for you through your career?
Gleeson Paulino: My film, which I already started to work on called “Under the Eyes”.
What is the soundtrack for your life?
Gleeson Paulino: Gnossiennes no. 1 lent.
What inspires you nowadays?
Gleeson Paulino: Music, travel, connect with people, nature, and to drift looking into the sky.