UnframedApril 2, 2019

We are together with Bey Karaköy for its most ‘Irish’ collection ever. The collaboration, The Irish Spirit x Bey including 8 ‘must-have’ pieces designed by the creatives behind Bey, Nil Ozan and Bulut… The starting point of the collection is ‘The heritage gifted by the nature’. With each touch we can feel the independent spirit of the collection, instead of following the time, having the privilege of going with your own instincts.

At what point do you see yourself within the reflection of the soul behind The Irish Sprit?
The way the meaning of independent means to us and to The Irish Spirit is very similar such as with the similarity of our humor.  We always feel the need of some laughter during the chaos of our daily routine. Another common thing is that some complex stuff can be solved by minor actions on the other hand some little stuff needs so much attention…
There are 8 must-have pieces within the collection, what was the starting point during the designing process. What was the criteria while deciding on the designs?
We designed this collection for it to be timeless. That’s why the pieces we think that are must-have items are from the essential category. When we think of the pieces of collection all together, we see the men, Irish Spirit represent. While we were thinking through this collection, we imagined the spirit of Ireland as a representation of Bey. That’s why the pieces from the collection represent a whole but yet each piece has its own persona.
You embody the collection with 3 main colors, What aspect of this effected your design process?
Colors and the relation of it, are always our favorite aspect of this process and also an area that we have an expert. The chosen three main colors representation of the heritage of The Irish Spirit and what it stands for. The different tones of the colors were the thing that stroked us the most. For the scarf and the velvet t-shirt we had the chance to use the perfect tone of Bordeaux. We designed a sweatshirt where we always wanted to use that tone of green which you can wear it each season. For the socks we had to be very tactical with the colors. The color beige was also the color of the trousers. And this tone of beige where not yet in people’s wardrobes but it is a must-have. So, we were very happy and satisfied with the colors that we used and the tones of them.
What is your favorite piece from the collection?
Nil: Velvet T-shirt Bulut: Beige Trousers Ozan: Ecru Woolen Socks
Bits & Pieces from Yiğit Dikmen
An afternoon?
A cocktail with friends on the beach.
A night?
Dinner with someone special.
A word?
The one with no fear?
My spirit.
Bits & Pieces from Bora Cengi
An afternoon?
With my dogs and with the person I love.
A night?
With my dogs and with the person I love.
A word?
The one with one no fear?
My father.
Bits & Pieces from Can Evrenol An afternoon? Meshes of The Afternoon (1943) A night? Night of The Living Dead (1968) A word? Time. The one with no fear? Fred Rogers.
Röportaj / Interview by DUYGU BENGİ
Fotoğraf / Photography by BURCU KARADEMİR
Grooming by CENGİZ ÖZKAN
Author: Duygu Bengi