Şebnem Keskin

FashionApril 13, 2017
Şebnem Keskin

With Spring, we dedicate ourselves to innovation. Beginnings with high claims uplift our excitement… Network chose to walk against the storm with fearless steps with world-famous Vertical Dance team BANDALOOP saying “There is more than the sky…” creating a unique experience for the season. As we listen to this brave brand from Şebnem Keskin, the vice general director, we are also ready to create our own unique stories.

Every brand had a specific “man” and a “woman.” Can you describe yours?

The Network woman is one who doesn’t deprive herself, who is brave, creative and free-spirited on every part of her life, who loves to travel and who has her own style. She is strong, free, sophisticated and innovative. She can look stylish by using modern and simple pieces to create affective silhouettes As for the Network man, he is always brave to create his own style. While doing that, he stays away from cliches because living new experiences is essential for him. He knows the formula of being strong and comfortable with his own style.

When we look at the visuals of the new season, we see a shoot that has a lot of freedom associations. What does freedom represent for the brand?

The biggest change for fashion is freedom… If you pay attention, outfits are getting further from traditional ways; sparkles, which have been known as the lead of nighttime, have mixed into day life. Blazers, a classic look belonging to suits are worn with jeans. Strappy long dresses are combined with t-shirts during the day. In short, the new movement is having no rules, being free. For NetWork, freedom is a keystone that comes up every season. From freeing picks that add experimentation to styles to shapes that provide freedom in movement… A sense of freedom has a very important spot in every detail for components that form NetWork.

What about change? What does change mean to you?

The fashion world has to renew itself by catching up to modernity at all times. That revolution evolves parallel to the change of a person during our times. The innovation that the modern times bring are also triggers to change. It’s very important for brands to keep up with the world culture and how those changes affect daily life correctly. We have to be really fast and creative as well to respond as a brand to the behaviour models of the digital age.

Can you talk about the new changes that you’ve made this season?

We can define our origin as “the energy that oppositions and contradictions add to our lives.” The source of inspiration for our collection is David Schnell, someone who brings together what appears to be opposing patterns and colors. As for the color palette, along with merges of black and white, the energy of fuchsia and yellow, the natural look of khaki and beige, and the summer feeling of purple and vanilla take the lead. For forms and details, there are oversized pants with slits, linen panchos with zipper details, suede jackets with houndstooth patterns, metallic looks and beaded embroideries are trends that highlight the collection. With the rise of embroidery and jewellery, it’s a collection that has a lot of “couture” touches.

Let’s talk about Bandaloop a little bit… How did your collaboration start with Bandaloop? What are the similar characteristics with NetWork?

Apart from forms, we decided to create a whole new story with the new season. We were in the sky with the bravest dance group in the world, BANDALOOP, whom we thought fitted our Spring – Summer 2017 collection the best. We shot our campaign with the world-renowned “Vertical Dance” team in San Francisco. We can say that BANDALOOP was the lead of our story hanging from 97 meters on top of the Oakland town hall building.

We worked with 45 people in total during the shoot, the rehearsals lasted for 168 hours. It was a beautiful shoot that reflected NetWork’s bravery theme. A mesmerising movie and amazing photographs were created. I advice you to watch the behind the scenes from network.com.tr.

How did the story of the event evolve since the beginning?

As you know, NetWork began it’s journey aiming at businesswomen. It was successful at being a brand that businesswomen have been choosing for many years. With years, it answered the needs of active and dynamic townswomen with it’s extended collection. What makes us different is the fact that we put the design culture to our origin. Apart from developing the collection, we pay a lot of attention to the customer experience from the stores to the windows, to our whole visual world.

We’d like to talk a little bit about the design team… What are the differentiating specialties of the family, customer, design and service of NetWork?

We have a young and creative designing team lead by Elif Cığızoğlu. The structural stories, architectural forms, strong geometrical silhouettes and the modern couture approach that highlight keep femininity with Elif’s designs fit NetWork’s timeless, refined brand values that are hidden in details.

Photography by Fora Norman
Author: Alara Kap