Replika: Ekin Özbiçer

UnframedJuly 12, 2019
Replika: Ekin Özbiçer

“Thinking” is the word Ekin Özbiçer uses to express her visual world… art is a place where you can be yourself through visuals. For Ekin Özbiçer, it is a safe place where she can express herself and show what she represents as an individual and who she is. The world is waiting to be discovered and challenged for the next centuries…” If it’s my lucky day, I capture my photos through paintings I couldn’t paint, scenes of the movies I couldn’t film.” Photography is a way out, a means of expression for her. Ekin is embarking on a journey which will leave a mark in the world. She is catching a lot of people’s attention with her extraordinary way of storytelling. Just one photograph can tell everything! Originality is the main item of Ekin’s work. At this point, we are meeting with her series, Replika… After the series which is based on the word “observation”, now, it is your turn to experience all these emotions!

What does Photography mean to you?

If it’s my lucky day, I capture photos through paintings I couldn’t paint, scenes of the movies I couldn’t film. Photography means a visual memory to me because it allows me to freeze the moments I want.

How do you define summer?

A period of time when you miss it every year even though you get exhausted from the heat.

Which emotions does Replika reflects?

I have enjoyed examining humankind, it’s habits, choices, behaviors since I was a little kid. Replika, like my other series, is a combination of my interest in sociology with photography.

How would you describe your art to someone who have never seen your work?

I take photos which combines my interest of painting, cinema and sociology.

What does creating mean to you?

I make things visible rather than create them. Therefore, we can say that creating means seeing to me.

Author: Duygu Bengi