Quarantine Diaries: Zeynep Bastık

UnframedMay 27, 2020
Quarantine Diaries: Zeynep Bastık

Some people are summer all year! Talking to them is like seeing the sunrise… Zeynep can take you away from all the negative emotions of life, to the clouds… She says she spends more time on herself during the quarantine days, that she is healing, “I am getting to know myself, I am healing myself.” To know a spirit as positive as she is in this period is like discovering the hidden nuances of life! Join us.

How social isolation has been for you?

I am exercising, doing yoga, meditation. I feel lucky to have found the time to heal and improve both my body and my mind. This process has been very good for me. It feels amazing to be alone with myself to produce and create. And I’m also trying out healthy recipes, they’re much harder than regular ones!

Were you able to maintain your routine?

My routine last year was very active, every day I was rushing to somewhere else different. Actually, it was this process that made me able to create my own routine.

T-shirt: Saint Laurent

During the process, everyone discovered something about themselves that they didn’t know about, how is your quest for self-discovery going?

I’ve just got into meditation and yoga. It’s an exciting and a very deep world. I am getting to know myself, healing myself. I am healing.  I’ve realized that we don’t have time for ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, yet it is so important…

I want to be able to maintain my routines, be consistent about it, and become someone more planned.

What do you think about the transformation of the music industry? Would you comment on IG Live concerts as both a musician and a listener? Now everyone’s sitting on their couch sharing your music in the format you did the last year.…

Our starting point was actually the simplest form of music. My digital journey began on the terrace of my house, in my living room. Now quarantine has imperatively simplified our lives and brought the whole world back to the same simple life. The artists are doing what they love the most in their own conditions and continue to meet their audience in some way or another. It is the most natural need.

Everyone threw themselves into the kitchen these days, what’s your culinary experience is like?

I love cooking and spending time in the kitchen. I’m a cancer.  When the quarantine first started, we cooked excessively and ate excessively. But after 1 month of regular life, exercising, and healthy eating, I started to improve my recipe knowledge even more.

Are there any series you’ve binge-watched during this process? I don’t think there’s a better time for binge-watching.

There are so many! I love watching movies and TV shows. I haven’t been able to watch a lot of things on my list because of the rush of last year.  I’m going through them.  My favorites are; Killing Eve, 4blocks, Elite, Self Made, Unorthodox, Community.

Crop: Brandy Melville, Bra: Calvin Klein, Pants: I.am.Gia, Necklaces: Justestudio

What do you expect to change in your personal routine after this ends?

I will definitely spend my time with myself, I want nothing to interfere with my time. I want to be able to maintain my routines, be consistent about it, and become someone more planned.

Swimsuit: Trendyol, Jean and Sandals: Zara

How much has the role of technology changed in your life?

Technology has always been the center of my life, as I have developed my career in the digital field and still continue to integrate technology.

This process has been very good for me. It feels amazing to be alone with myself to produce and create.

You released your new single in the pandemic era, what changed in this process?

We actually realize the creation, music video shooting, and service process very practical, fast, and without thinking about it too much, so we have practice on that! So everything happened in its normal course. We just spent time exploring the functions of the house for the music video, that’s all…

How did your work, your dreams evolve?

I can honestly say that I never imagined that my work would change its course like that and turn out so well.  At first, I was surprised by what I learned and the good results I had.

What are you going to do first when everything is back to normal?

I’m going to spend an evening with my friends, full of laughter.

This or That

A book?

Patti Smith-Just Kids. Gönül Sayfam is also very special.

A movie?

The Legends of 1900

A song?

Richard Hawley, Coles Corner

Cologne or disinfectant?


Facetime or Houseparty?


Interview Duygu Bengi
Photography Burcu Karademir
Styling Burak Sanuk
All clothes were chosen from Zeynep Bastık’s wardrobe.
Special thanks to Meltem Özkan.
Author: Based Istanbul