Capturing the genuine parts of life knows no boundaries in the creative mind. This is the pink generation. “Anything I perceive outside my mind and soul is an inspiration to me, a constant reminder that who I am is just the mirror image of my alter-ego and the alien world. This is my main source of inspiration. Anything aesthetically un-pleasant or that is tasteless drains my soul. I am continuously motivated by unique ideas and objects.” Dilan Gerede Erkaya #pinkishere Meet Dilan & join us! #basedistanbul loves #bebold. For more click here.

Creative Direction by Duygu Bengi
Fashion by Burak Sanuk
Videography by Cemre Okyay
Hair by Dogukan Punar
MUA Zeynep Dombaycioglu
Production Gurus Zeynep Sahin, Betel Ulubay, & Atakan Katlanc
Happy to collar w//Untamed Cherry