The world has been shifted from the word ‘’mundane’’ to a ‘’new generation’’ who are defined as bold, authentic and unique. People who are expressing their emothions and any desires freely, we call them ‘’pink generation’’. The most incredible thing about these new kids is the way in which communication can happen without language, proving the power of connection between people. This generation plays around with every single detail about life… If there is such a thing as understanding the world of aesthetic means having a connection with something out of the ordinary and to be a storyteller within your own world. And the new kids can achieve this. Capturing the honest parts of life will have no boundaries in the creative mind. The strength of pink generation is how expressing emotions helps shaping new identities and different stories within each human-being.


“It is important to filter each inspiration before making it mine.” Seda Şen

Ceket/Jacket, Pantaloon / Trousers: M.O.F.C, Kemer / Belt: BARBARA BUI, Gözlük / Sun Glasses: MOSCHINO SAFILO GROUP Küpe / Earrings: TWIST 

“I believe the power of true self. To me fun means to be who you are and not to be afraid to show it. Being passionate about what I want sometimes puts me in tricky situations.” Tuğçe Meçoğlu

“Anything I percieve outside my mind and soul is an inspiration to me, a constant reminder that I am, who I am thanks to my alter-ego, Outside world help creating and shaping me as a person. That is my main source of inspiration. Anything aesthetically unpleasant or that does not have taste drains my soul. I constantly feed off of new ideas.” Dilan Gerede Erkaya

“I feel the most free when there is no rules or force. I drive my motorbike till I forget the meaning of time.” Ali Kalyoncu

Creative Direction: Duygu Bengi
Text by Zeynep Şahin
Fashion by Burak Sanuk
Photography by Zeynep Özkanca
Makyaj / MUA by Zeynep Dombaycioglu,Önder Tiryaki Studio 
Sac / Hair by Dogukan Gurpinar, Önder Tiryaki Studio
Prodüksiyon Asistanı / Production Assistant: HAKAN YILDIRIM
Teşekkürler  Thanks to HOUSE OF JUNK