As we bid farewell to March, we remember how it began. We have a more intimate relationship with our latest favorite iPhoneX, always looking for more in a century guided by technology instead of remaining distant to innovations.

Only one name comes to our mind when we talk about photography and technology – Koray Birand. We start a thrilling conversation for the first iPhone cover shoot in Turkey with Koray Birand and his iPhoneX. Our cover star Burak Deniz is as excited we are to follow of a dynamic story beyond the bulky set experiences in the characteristics streets of Istanbul! Of course, Koray Birand is the reason we feel so self-confident. Now that he’s here with us, we bombard him with questions and open the doors to this cover story for you.

Is it different from the conventional methods to shoot with an iPhone?

Shooting with an iPhone is very different from conventional methods because you have to take pictures with an entirely different perspective. You can use the conventional perspective because iPhone does not have a manual camera. Although you look through the visor in a usual camera due to its ergonomic difference, iPhone lets you take pictures on an LCD screen.

What were your criteria in designing a photo shoot with an iPhoneX?

I wanted to design it based on the sense of freedom and practicality iPhoneX gives me to take pictures I couldn’t take before due to productional challenges.

How was the model’s mood? Can we say he got in the groove easily?

Yes, it was very easy. The only thing was that in the beginning, he had a hard time adapting because he couldn’t hear the shutter sound. But when I turned on the sound and he started to hear the shutter, he adapted very easily. It wasn’t different from an ordinary photo shoot but the reaction from the people around us were funny.

How do the dynamics change when you leave aside the big gadgets?

The people around you are less interested. People are very interested in the camera, especially when you shoot in a real venue with people around. The bigger the camera, the more crowded the team is but when you shoot with an iPhone, you basically carry your camera in your pocket, which makes your team smaller and enables you to be more dynamic.

Do you have a trick for those who plan to take pictures with an iPhoneX?

I suggest they use an application that enables them to do manual configuration because the automatic settings of the native application create a difference in every picture based on the surrounding light values when you turn the camera even for 2-3 millimeters. So, it’d be healthier to use a controllable application with manual settings.

An application you prefer to edit photos on iPhone?

I use its own application.

A tip for new photographers?

Make sure to have the sun behind your right shoulder.