Jean-Claude Mpassy, Fashion Editor

Jean-Claude Mpassy, aka @newkissontheblog known for his trend pioneer and inspirational blog, turned his passion into a profession and now he is where he feels the best. Mpassy, who has been sharing his personal worldview through his blog since 2013; features street style, travel stories,…

Prod Antzoulis, Fashion Photographer

If Prod Antzoulis did not trust his instinct within his work as his parents always taught him to, we would not have had the chance to get to know him today maybe. Prod’s journey with photography began when he was about 12 years old. It…

Daisuke, Designer

Daisuke aka Dimda, is inspired by the things he uses in his daily life and gives new meanings to his current items. He makes handbags from Nike towels, wallets from socks or scarves from Lacoste polos. He creates desired objects by adding his interpretation on…

A Journey Through Life: Yasemin İpek

Yasemin İpek is on a journey of her own to leave her mark into the thing we call life. She take everyone under her spell with her journey. So-called life is all about the experiences we have, the ideas we put outside and going after…

Zohaer Majhadi, PR Director

Think of  a person who inspires many and leads the most influential parties in Istanbul and around the world. We indroduce you to PR persona Zohaer Majhadi, 3 words that describes you?  Funny, energic, crazy Paris or Istanbul? Paristanbul Your motivation in life? To be…

Tuğçe Meçoğlu, Influencer

With her style, attitude and confidence, Tuğçe Meçoğlu takes everyone's attention. Join us for bits and pieces with Tuğçe! A series? The Handmaid’s Tale A song? Bob Dylan - stuck in the middle with you Guilty pleasure? Some of the turkish rap songs. Dreams of…

Boran Kuzum, Actor

Everything’s asleep... Streets were surrendered to passions and dreams. Boran Kuzum is someone who has the courage to follow his own truth. That’s why our journey gathers it’s inspiration to itself. “The biggest luxury in life is to meet with already resigned one self with…

Nilperi Şahinkaya, Actress

Think of a person she’s one of the people who know what they want and while taking the steps forward also keeping some room for the coincidences… She lets the books, movies, people or incidents she comes across to prepare surprises for her. Taking contrasts…

Ahsen Eroğlu, Actress

Where do you place art around your life? Every moment of my life. Film or series? Film. What is the last song did you add to your playlist? The Raconteurs - Collect by yourself. Night walk or morning run?  Morning run. The person you text…

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