New Expression

UnframedDecember 10, 2018
New Expression

The role of photography has shifted from being a tool used reinforce visual stereotypes to now becoming a means for people to form new identities and to tell different stories that offer a multi faceted and more well rounded view of contemporary life through the word.

Kyle Weeks, having grown up in Namibia and going on to study in South Africa, he started to ask questions about the power of representation and the relationship between subject and photographer. His focus grew towards the politics of identity and the ability that images have to shape and preserve it. He is a person can empower his viewer whom for self expression. Self expression to him is the ability to Show who you truly are. Trying hard to find the balance between expression and photography is key for Kyle Weeks, representing his imagery in the best light possible.

What is your happy place?
How would you describe being original?
How would you define creating?
Author: Zeynep Sahin