When did you grow an interest for electronic music?

I’ve actually had an intimate relationship with music ever since I can remember. To talk about electronic music specifically, I can say it was the years I started going out at night. The parties, concerts I’ve been to while living abroad especially inspired me a lot.


You have a booking agency called Delüks Ajans. Which DJ’s do you work with, and how do you choose these names?

Delüks started when we stepped in to help with booking requests coming to our friends who we spend much a lot of time with, whose music we grew familiar to. Thus, the names joining the agency were the names we already knew of. Undomondo, Kaan Düzarat, O.BEE, Cem & Rg, Debora Ipekel, Barış K., Moğuz, are some of our friends who we work with. After this point, we want to continue to discover new talents who make unique and good music, perhaps names rather outside the borders of Turkey…

How does the İstanbul nightlife react to the DJ’s you book from abroad?

As far as I see, everybody has fun one way or the other! There is a right place and a right time for every performance; once there is that awareness, the feedback is mainly positive.

How would you define your own music taste?

Music is a concept very much about the moment. I guess my music taste is the combination of all the different music that makes me happy at different moments.

The music festival you enjoyed the most lately?

The music festival I enjoyed the most lately is the Garbicz Festival, which I was also a part of. I had been to other festivals that were much more stronger in a musical sense, but sometimes a perfect line-up alone is not enough. I really wanted to be there right now!

Are there times you think/dream of getting behind the set?

No, I can’t even imagine it…


Which song would describe your mood right now?

Soul Capsule – Waiting 4 A Way