Ambitious, talented and hard-working are the three words that can describe free-skier Leo Slemett. Leo is in a non-stop adventure. He is always on the move. When not skiing, he goes and climbs mountains and hikes around. Wasting time is not on his agenda. He became world’s champion when he was only 23. And now he is 26 and works harder everyday to achieve more goals. What sets Leo different from his peers is his versatility. He is a multitasker. Leo enjoys and loves every angle of ski. He has an innovative personality where he can get inspired by different environments and people. He is all about turning his dreams into real. We had a nice chat with Leo Slemett during North Face Mountain Festival. You can read our inspiring interview below.

What was the moment when you said free ski is the thing for you?

I think I decided to switch into the free ski when I was 12. And I was watching Candide Tovex and for me he is my role model in the ski industry. And after I saw a video of him skiing I started dreaming about ski.

As a lover of extreme sports, what does extreme mean to you? And how does it apply to you not as a skier but as a person?

I am learning from what I am doing everyday. There is no stopping when you are doing this. sport. You have to be ready to compete, attend competition and manage your projects. You’re learning from each sides of the industry and this helped me build my personality.

Can you tell us about your daily routine?

Everyday I start with a lemon with warm water and a good breakfast. Later I go to the mountain because I train everyday. Most of the times I practise in the morning and then enjoy the rest of the day with my friends.


“When I ski, it is a really special feeling and it helps me express myself with no word. So, you can show something you can’t explain. It is part of the magic.”

 Can you describe the feeling you have when you ski and what aspects of it do you love the most?

When I ski, it is a really special feeling and it helps me express myself with no word. So, you can show something you can’t explain. It is part of the magic. It’s like you have an empty white page and you have to fill it with your skiing.

 Where do you get your motivation for doing more in your life?

In my life I had some difficult moments and I lost some of the most important people. So, for me there is no reason not to enjoy every single moment. Never Give Up

How are you training for your competitions?

My season for competition starts on September with physical training and December is the month where skiing part takes off, so we do both physical and technical training. We work on my physical base first and technical part, it is very focused on the competition side. To be able to realise tricks and perfecting my moves.

How did you feel when you achieved your goal of becoming world champion? And what’s next for Leo Slemett?

I got that title when I was 23. Now I am 26. The good thing is I still have some dreams to achieve. I want to be able to ski at the best levels again and go further with my personal projects with my manager

You travel a lot, which is the one country you always get inspired from?

It really hard to choose one country I get inspired by a lot of places and people. But Japan is one of the destinations that I have learned to love because of the people there. And I went to Pakistan last spring for 5 weeks. I was so surprised by the life and people. Sometimes you get effected by the media perception and what you see on television but when you experience the place by yourself you get a smart perspective about the city.

What should people expect from The Mountain Festival?

It is a really big thing for people who are behind the camera. We are all sleeping in the tent and eating all together, so It is a good atmosphere where everybody can get to know eachother.