Facebook filed a patent for emotion detecting selfie filters

Facebook is trying to turn the world to an episode of Black Mirror. In 2014, the network earned lots of criticism from its users for their research about emotion manipulation
technology. It was announced that they put more than 690.000 users on their research test. After plenty of criticism, the company apologized from their users to use them for their research. After almost four years from this scandal, latest news reported, Facebook is getting ready to get a patent for a tech. A tech which predicts which selfie filter is best for you. The company got lots of criticism from users when the news was out. Would this be another ethic scandal for Facebook?

Facebook wants you to find a mood for your perfect selfie. After a psychological research which got many criticisms over the years, Facebook filed a patent for a mood mask technology. The tech will ask you to open functions and look into the camera to read emotions. Facebook described the tech as a tool for identifying emotions based on users’ moods. The tech will be putting a mask on that image which can be an animal or human mask that scans the emotion people feel.

Additional option for the mask, the filter chosen for the user will be affected by users’ location, profile data or what’s in the picture. Nobody knows, if this patent will go through. The question is, Is this an invasion of our lives or not?