Who would have thought we would come across two people that loved candles as much as we do? Not only candles, these two have a way with copper brass nickel and glass – creating each object at NYKS; from martini glasses to serving trays, with attention and care.

How did the idea for NYKS come about?

We both worked in different sectors however complained about how we weren’t producing enough and how unsatisfied with the standards of the time. One night while we were having one of these conversations, we realized that we began discussing different things that excited us more; making candles! However we wanted to do them in containers that we produced and designed, that were hand-made and artisanal. After a year-long research process, we opened up our first shop 3 years ago.

A short while ago we moved from our location on Serdar-ı Ekrem to the Tom Tom area. We also have a candle atelier in our new spot. Our customers will now be able to watch hoe we make a candle and participate in the process at the atelier. We will also begin workshops in our new space soon.

The Based office is never without a lit candle. How do you feel about having candles around?

Candles, fire, more importantly, has a magical specialty; fire has always been a meditational technique in all civilizations. NYKS is the name of a goddess in Greek Mythology. We gave our brand this name because it fits us and our product perfectly. When we think about a candle, the heat that the flame gives and the natural scent that secretes calmness and peace, candles are irreplaceable for us as well.

Which candle scent would Merve / Deniz think of considering NYKS?

Merve: Lemongrass for sure. Since we produce seasonal scents, apart from certain scents, there are new ones every few weeks, however none of them can replace lemongrass.

Deniz: Rosemary. Merve couldn’t stop talking about it for 3 days after lighting it up for the first time at the house.

Who calls break in a busy work day?

Merve: Me!

Deniz: Whoever get’s hungry first!

What inspires you during your creation process?

Daily life is what inspires us the most. Which is why where we live and where we work is extremely important to us. We love crowded neighborhoods. We might even get inspired by a client that walks into our store. Then, there are vacations. New places, new discoveries and acting like a local in trips that we take are great inspirations for us.

What was the last incident that made you burst out laughing at the office?

Merve: While we were moving to our new store, the things that we came across in our old space; we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw our first candle samples and started laughing.

If Merve / Deniz were to invent an application, what would it do?

Merve: I’m sure it would have something to do with a daily horoscope and she would want people to check in daily.

Deniz: She would probably make one that serves fresh flowers to homes daily.

What is a sentence that would bring Merve / Deniz back to work if she was distracted?

Merve: It’s better to let Deniz be and come back at her own pace. Once she is left to be calm and collected, and deals with other things, she comes back by her own choice.

Deniz: Once Merve is at work, she dedicates all her time and energy to it. She completes tasks that would normally take 10 hours in two hours. If she is distracted, it’s too late; there is not much one can do to bring her back!

If you were to live in a movie setting, which one would it be?

Merve: Sliding Doors.

Deniz: Avatar.