Melis Şinik, Designer

PeopleSeptember 1, 2016
Melis Şinik, Designer

Melis is one of those people who works on her style, and has fashion as the center of her life… While some of us get dressed to not look ridiculous without clothes on, she uses looks to impress how she feels, which is why her new brand NAKKISH by Melissa sounds as exciting as it does.

What makes fashion exciting for you?

My understanding of fashion involves dynamic, variable and unexpected formations… When I was studying in Italy, I saw their exceptional tastes. From a cab driver to a house painter, everyone pays attention to how they look on the outside, whether using a kerchief or the details on a pair of shoes. I believe that knowledge in fashion is something you are born with, and something that is passed on through generations.

As assertive as your personal style is, your brand is equally plain. How did your brand come about?

I’ve been a fashion editor for years, and always wanted to switch to the creation process… The brand took on a different character because I was more mature when the idea came to me. I can say that it’s far from and simpler than my personal style. I like linen pieces that grab your attention that are easily worn in the summer. My brand is made up of pieces that can transform from day to night, and that once can easily match with other clothing.

How do you come up with designs and motifs that add to the character of the brand?

We modernize traditional carpet / rug motifs. We are very blessed with a rich history and culture; finding inspiration is pretty easy… as for the application; these motifs are hand-sewn by village women with techniques that are close to being extinct. This way, I’d like to contribute to enlarging women cooperatives.

“Creating your own brand” is highly popular nowadays – what is your take on this?

Somehow people aren’t able to find what they are looking for. The young generation sees these niches and forms their own fashion approach.

What is a look that will make you turn around and stare?

I won’t look at a woman with a mini skirt and stilettos. An unexpected touch will make me look around. A woman in Francesca Ruffini’s interpretation of silk pajamas will make me look.

What two pieces would create a fashion crime if worn together?

One of the biggest mistakes is copper hair with tanned skin. I can’t say it’s a fashion crime but I strongly dislike a bedazzled dress with voluminous hair.

How would you want your first impression to be on people?

I’d like them to think of me as a free-spirited, extraordinary, avant-garde person.

Author: Duygu Bengi