It seems as if the modern eye is trained to look away from writings; long comments on Intagram get overlooked, repetitive birthday messages on Facebook are ignored, thick books are left on shelves… even words get unsaid because we “get tired” saying them out loud. Well that’s why it’s a pretty good idea to put them on a hand-stitched shirt.

There are endless references to pick from when it comes to modern culture. How do you pick your statements?
The statements we pick for our collection often refers to all our influences in art, movies, music, books, and friends. We called our latest collection “people & songs.” We also try to find meaningful words such as “amour” the most beautiful feeling.

There are many brands that use slogans / writings on clothing, yet you came up with a fresh concept of doing it in stitches. How did the idea come about?
By setting up Maison Labiche, our main goal was to use our hands again and to show our savoir-faire , so we did a bunch of different embroidery trials and came to this typography and this kind of stitches, very pure and strong. The other thing that was very important to us was to propose basic and popular clothes that could fit everybody: girls, boys, women and men, all ages, so we decided to embroider on a white
straight tee-shirt that is a must have of any wardrobe. Finally we decided to create our own typography and to embroider words on hearts. That is the foundations of MaisonLabiche.


How does Paris affect your designs?
Every collection is based on the theme of the exploration of a journey, so we imagine a Parisian going on a journey and composing his ideal outfit to remain smart and casual.

All our collections are called Paris to… somewhere. So Paris is always at the heart of our work and reflexion. The current one Spring summer 2016 collection is Paris Vegas.

It seems as if Maison Labiche is creating modern classics that are very simple, yet they draw attention due to the embroidery on them. How would you define your label? A basic timeless qualitative Parisian one!

Fotoğraf / Photography: Fora Norman at Shopi go

Fotoğraf / Photography: Fora Norman at Shopi go

What is the rush of emotion you get from seeing your label on someone on the street?
Always very surprised but really happy and proud! It makes us want to create more!

You have a section on your website where your customers can create their own tops. What has been your favourite bespoke piece so far?
We had a lot of really nice customised embroideries! Our customers are very smart, sweet and fun. I remember a guy that had his phone number embroidered, we thought it was very funny.

What are you occupied with these days?
Currently working on our next spring summer 2017 collection and on collaborative projects.

Can you share one life lesson you learnt by starting your company?
Always be open minded and nice to people.