She is the face of NY downtown cool and her face is synonymous with Maryam Nassir Zadeh, you know, that cool NYC boutique whose photos are a statement for modern muses in fashion? Mari Giudicelli is one of those girls and she arrived to New York from Rio de Janeiro a little over than five years ago. As of recently, Giudicelli unveiled her luxury shoe-line and we get to know this chic “girl- about-town.”

Where are you living in NYC? What is the one piece in your apartment that reminds you of Brazil?

I live in Williamsburg. My grandpa was an airplane pilot and I have some of his navigation maps, with handwritten notes on it. There’s one that shows how to fly above Rio that I have framed and it’s my favorite. I love vintage military stuff and having this is so precious to me.

Which “casual run to deli” do you usually frequent in NYC?

Oh just the corner deli. I love shitty $1 coffee.

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m reading Osamu Dazai. I read his book “No Longer Human,” and now I’m finishing “The Setting Sun.” I think “No Longer Human” was better. He’s a very beautiful but depressing Japanese writer. I’m all about Japan. Even though I’ve never been, I have this idea of it in my mind and it’s very lovely.

I tend to read more than one book at a time. So I’m also reading this book called “On Fire,” by Jonathan Griffin as well, where he discusses fires that happened in artist’s spaces. My apartment burned down last December, and it was a very intense experience. Reading others experiences is helping me understand my feelings better. I’m also reading Fashion Value – Undressing Ornament.

And what are you listening to at the moment?

I’m into Phillip Glass at the moment.

If you could own one pair of shoes, which are the one true pair?

Other than mine, I have to say they would be Martinianos. They go with everything and are very comfortable. They are just honest shoes.

Why shoes? Are you like the “shoe girl-about-town”?

I started designing clothes. But then after a few years I realized I spent more money in shoes than in clothing, especially vintage shoes, and thought wait a minute, what if I make my own, just the way I want it? You see, vintage shoes are very inspiring to me, but most of the times they have the wrong toe shape, or a detail that didn’t need to be there or something that could’ve been different. So I started tweaking some, sketching new ones, using leather to create new shapes, and voila, I was making shoes. I love the sculptural aspect of it, and getting my hands dirty.

Your muse and idol?

Patti Smith. She had a fantastic life.

I think your life is pretty fantastic also. What are you doing this summer? Are you escaping somewhere?

Thanks! I’ve been going to LA a lot. Last weekend I was in Montauk, and right now I’m in upstate NY for my best friends wedding. I try to be in nature as much as possible.

Can you tell us what your travel essentials are?

Headphones, a book or two, La Mer lotion, Aesop hand cream (the pink one), a hair band, a cozy sweater, white tee, jeans, and comfy shoes.