Bonne Reijn, Designer

PeopleJuly 1, 2016
Bonne Reijn, Designer

The school of life is befitted and meant for a one-time suit with varying degrees of styles, accord- ing to Bonne Reijn; the man be- hind the eclectic and very original brand Bonne Suits.

Mr Bonne Reijn, you have been called the “Man Behind The Poor Man’s Suit.” What do you have to say to that?

I go by a few names; Bomba Rayan, the Stylegod, Nobbe, B100, Bbarkie, Bondert, the man behind the poor mans suit sounds a bit long for a nickname but it is true!

I read you came from a rather “troubled” background. I would usually say this is a recipe for creativity. What do you say?

I don’t know. I take a lot out of it. I think it depends on your personality. Some people get stronger, some people have good backgrounds and do amazing things. I think it’s all about how open you are for change and how flexible your mind is. Plus, I don’t think there is such a thing as “a good background.” I think we’re being traumatized since the day we were born.

Why a suit? Does it have more life than other ordinary clothes?

Don’t call it a suit, it’s more like an uniform. I uniform for the school of life.

What do you hope to learn in “the school of life”?

To be patient, caring, focused and not so self centered.

Your idol / muse?

My girlfriend Bonnie. She’s the sweetest, most innocent person on earth.

Şu anda “The Man in his High Castle” ve “Possibilities of an Island” okuyorum.

What are you reading / listening to at the moment?

I’m loving this singer called Laura Groves. I think she is amazing. Otherwise Dirty Fences; that’s my favourite band ever. At the moment I’m reading “The Man in his High Castle” and “Possibilities of an Island.”

I believe “The Man in his High Castle” explores the idea of America and slavery existing in 1962, whilst the author Phillip K Dick is an innovator in science fiction and has a desire to break the barrier between science fiction and the serious novel of ideas. Is this how you apply your own imagination when creating a new collection for Bonne Suits? How does your mind work?

Big time. I’m a big fan of science fiction. I fantasize and dream a lot and from that I think about a lot of stuff. A lot of my friends are artists. I myself possess no artistic skills (painting, rapping, sewing etc.) so for me, observing my art- ist friends is like science fiction. Or at least observing my friend’s artistic forms excites me in the same way a science fiction novel does. From this excitement I get a lot of power to do the stuff I do.

What was your defining fashion culture moment of 2015/16?

Donald trumps hair. Fuck that guy.

How do you think style and pop culture will change in 2016?

I have no idea. I’m a bit scared actually.

Author: Duygu Bengi