From working as an agent to building an empire, Marco Baldassari gives all the goosebumps for the ultimate fashion experience. There is an unnerving busy-ness to Marco Baldassari and his daily planned schedule… The designer aims big and achieves to get the attention… He is dedicated to show the heritage of his past and his brand… It’s a troubling time for seekers of authenticity. Marco Baldassari; Italian designer has been working through ideas about dovetailing originality and appropriation Think of a person who is so passionate about what he does, and he wants to give that love to the people in a beautiful and Italian way… Now it is your turn to meet Marco Baldassari; the founder and the creative director of Eleventy

What is the story that leads you into fashion?

I started as an agent so I worked with the sales team and I had the opportunity to know all the best clients… my “secret” is to listen the market and understand what the market wants from all the clients. This has been the beginning and my passion for the high-quality product growth day by day together with my dream to create a new brand who can represent my style, my philosophy and my lifestyle.

You are the co-founder and also the creative director of menswear of the brand. How did you come up with the idea to launch a brand?

Eleventy was founded in 2007 by me and Paolo Zuntini, and is particularly known for its upscale casual fashion design with
a soft sartorial style. We decided that to set the right tone of understated elegance they would eschew logos. Globally, there has been a change in mindset, People Authenticity is the new priority.”

Where do you find your inspiration that leads you to create?

Art, street … the dialogue with other world cultures.

The idea behind Eleventy is “Made in Italy’’ What would you like to state with this?

Made in Italy is appreciated throughout the world, and more than we think. We have an invaluable heritage in our hands, we simply need to know how to exploit it to the best. Also, we mustn’t overlook the fact that in Italy there are numerous micro- enterprises that are experiencing hard times. Many of these are family businesses, each representing excellence in the reference- manufacturing sector. The most representative example is Neapolitan tailoring, internationally recognized for its high quality for suits, jackets and shirts that combined with the best quality of fabrics, as Loro Piana and Zegna in order to obtain an high result in terms of quality and style.

Your ‘environment friendly’ attitude is remarkable! As we know, you have projects about sustainability. Can you please tell us more?

Climate change is a global issue that demands global solutions, but it also needs everyone to do the most they can. We can contribute in our own small way, leveraging a project of sustainable and intelligent innovation. We have already thrown down the gauntlet: we have launched all-round research to reduce the consumption of the production system, and we shall not let up until we have reached the decisive “zero impact” level.

Eleventy targets to spread the ‘Italian elegance’ all around the world. What is the definition of this statement for you? How do you define the Italian style?

Quality, Attention to details and Made in Ital