Un-finished Story: Pablo Rochat

UnframedJuly 21, 2019
Un-finished Story: Pablo Rochat

Who comes to your mind when we say an ‘Instagram jokester’ an artist who understands the visual construction of low-brow internet jokes with such proficiency he’s elevated memes to a kind of absurdist sacred language. As a designer and art director, Pablo has created videos, light installations, and interactive mobile experiences… But it’s on Instagram that he’s garnered a cult following with his mastery of social media stunts. Each post he designs is simple in its premise to be universally relevant among his audience, but clever enough in execution to delight and surprise. Here is to all the work which was un- finished but made perfectly sense. It is time we celebrate the trick-playing maestro; Pablo Rochat. Enjoy the irony!

What’s in your mind?
A simple life looks like?
Let’s say everything is possible! What is your first wish?
Reality or Imagination?
What does irony mean to you?
Author: Zeynep Sahin