Lora Deniz Ömeroğlu, Musician

PeopleFebruary 1, 2017
Lora Deniz Ömeroğlu, Musician

You continue on your music journey that started with classical piano training with a more electronic approach. What motivates you?

I couldn’t bear the stress of playing music that is meticulously pre-determined from, and realized that I don’t want to be playing by myself in a room. In time, these two main reasons directed me to do improvisational music and create sounds by experimenting with different techniques. The shared quality of these sounds also take form with their motivation.

Are there any difficulties in managing your own projects while doing your masters?

The education I am receiving is based on developing our ideas in the area of sound design, composition and production. Thus, rather than posing difficulties, at this point school is very helpful and motivating. While it provides support in bringing our projects to life, it also allows us to put together the missing parts and receive many feedbacks on our works.

You also do sound design for installations, in which a visual balance is formed besides audio skills. Can you tell us a little about this dynamic?

While visual data brings a limitation in the process of creating the sound on one hand, it gives me a different kind of freedom within those restraints, facilitates the sense of wholeness and smoothens the creative process on the other. I love the power of the moment created by the interaction of an ordinary sound with a visual; both their stance independently, and their strikingness together is alluring.

How did the tracks in your first EP, Mara, come about? What kind of a creative process did they go through?

I don’t write lyrics that much, but when I do it’s at times when I feel lonely. However, the music was shaped under different instances. For example, for Rem I started off when I woke up one morning and said, “I’m going to do a track today and finish it, enough!”, having written the lyrics beforehand. As for Non, it came about as I was improvising on the piano after an emotionally tiring day.

What song do you wake up to that makes you happy?

The Shrine / An Argument from the Fleet Foxes.

The last exhibition you visited that had an affect on you?

The last I’ve been to is the museum of Escher and the world that affected me the most was there to the smallest detail.

Author: Duygu Bengi